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How to choose soundproof doors and windows?


Serious noise pollution How to choose a soundproof system door and window for yourself? With the prosperous development of urbanization, noise pollution is becoming more and more serious. Just after falling asleep every night, the neighbors next to the neighbors hear the dancing melody. Social noise, construction noise, industrial noise, traffic noise, etc. are all in daily life. . In this environment, it is very easy to cause physical and psychological diseases. So in the case of serious noise pollution, how to choose a sound insulation system door and window for yourself has become a crucial issue?

How to choose a soundproof system door and window for yourself?

1. Double-layer hollow glass

The glass of doors and windows occupies more than 85% of the entire material, which is the key to sound insulation. When choosing glass, you need to consider the thickness and material of the glass. The larger the thickness, the better the sound insulation effect. The superhouse aluminium windows use automotive-grade safety double-layer hollow tempered glass, which is twice as strong as ordinary glass, and the double-layer hollow structure design is effective Isolate external noise.

2. Aluminum alloy profile

Generally for home improvement products, most door and window factories choose products with high yield, that is, products with relatively thin walls to reduce the cost, while ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows have a single cavity, and the wall is thinner and the sound is easy to penetrate.

3. Sealing tape

Sealing strips are an important factor in determining the sealing performance of doors and windows. Bad quality strips have poor weather resistance. After long-term exposure to the sun, they are easy to age and stiff, lose their elasticity, and are easy to fall off. Not only are they poorly sealed, they can also cause safety hazards.

The noise pollution is serious. If you want to choose a soundproof system door and window for yourself, you must go to the physical store to experience it carefully according to the actual situation, so that you can choose the one you want.

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